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LoBa  (לא בא) - "not coming" in Hebrew, is from the lyrics Waiting for The Messiah (מחכים למשיח) a hit song by Shalom Hanoch; considered to be the father of Israeli rock. Its the title song of his most successful album which came out in 1985 and dealt with the crash of the Israeli Stock Market....  An investor is waiting for a call from his broker named Mashiach, confirming that his portfolio had been liquidated before the crash. 

You can purchase the album on iTunes here, see the song performed here and view the lyrics here.

The LoBa kippa and other high quality LoBa merchandise are for you if:

  • you're a big fan of Shalom Hanoch
  • you know someone named Mashiach ... who never comes and never calls
  • you don't think that Mashiach has come... and you're still waiting..
  • you think that the idea of a Mashiach, whether he be called the Messiah, the Caliph, the hidden Imam or Mahdi is at best, an idea who's run it's course or .. the worst idea Judaism ever introduced to the world.
  • you think that the Mashiach, as saviour was a 1st Century CE perversion of the earlier Biblical anointed king who, in turn was a perversion of the best idea that Judaism gave the world... that no man is king... "we have no king but God" אין לנו מלך אלא אתה
  • you are sick and tired of seeing Jews wearing skullcaps and other religious paraphernalia which proclaims the Rebbe as the Mashiach or Nachman as the big Nach.
  • you need a kippa with a message for the rest of us
  • you thought that waiting for the Mashiach was a fairly benign activity until Jewish terrorists started writing "Mashiach Lives" on churches and homes containing infants that they torched.
  • you're a Zionist and wish to expose those of its citizens who delegitimize the laws and the rights of fellow citizens for an ultimate end and who coincidentally  are waiting for the Mashiach.
  • you don't believe in silver bullets and magical thinking
  • you believe that to make the world a better place we don't need to wait for anything... we need to roll up our sleeves and first fix ourselves, then our loved ones, our community, our nation and the rest will follow..