Announcing the LoBa Bramulke by Vashti®

Shushan, New York - 15 Adar II 5776 In a move that took fashion industry pundits by surprise, LoBa Kippa today announced its entry into the lingerie market. Noticing a spike in sales of its popular Loba Kippa 3-pack the Loba Google analytics team realized that women were buying one loba Kippa for their husbands and keeping two for themselves. A closer reading of Megillat Esther confirmed what women have known for over two thousand years… That “Lo” means “Lo” and when a woman says she’s not coming she means Lo Ba.. I’m not coming! Taking the LoBa message to...

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the Messianic idea - at best a life lived in deferment

Gershom Scholem (The Messianic Idea in Judaism p58) quoted by JTS Chairman Arnold Eisen at a recent Symposium The State of Israel: Messianism Without a Messiah? One word more, by way of conclusion, should be said about a point which, to my mind, has generally received too little attention in discussions of the Messianic idea. What I have in mind is the price demanded by Messianism, the price which the Jewish people has had to pay out of its own substance for this idea which it handed over to the world. The magnitude of the Messianic idea corresponds to the endless powerlessness in Jewish...

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the birth of the LoBa Kippa

I've never been a big fan of the Messiah.  An idea that took off as Biblical Judaism began to decline, Messianism and end-of-day eschatology turned out to be Judaism's worst contribution to Western Civilization.  How many wars would we have been spared were it not for the insane idea that we can bring a savior? I'm an as-good-as-it-gets type of guy.  Make yourself a better person, your family and friends better people, your community and country more enlightened and you'll leave the world a little bit better than when you arrived. I'm not waiting for the Second Coming, the hidden Mahdi...

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